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good source of K-Cup coffee production sealer vendors in USA

After many patents expired, Many coffee factory in USA want to go into K cup market and share this big cake since 2013. At same time, plenty of k cup packaging equipment manufacture into market .  Many years past,  some factories shut this business, many factories keep going on and growing stronger. however some small vendors only have standing room.

There are different sucess ways, also there are different failure case.   some k cup production workshop purchased poor quality k cup filling machine and K cup sealer machine at their initial business.  equipment price is very attractitive.  When machne arrive ,a headache comes that machine can't work well .  Some machines can work , but heating tubes are burnt frequently after a certain time use, and sealing temprature is not stable. Based on this situation, We recommend some good K cup packaging equipment vendors in USA, which have good service , especially, they have good equipment maintanence experience

Here is companies name



Buckeye coffee


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