semi automatic manual k cup sealing machine
SM-4 Semi automatic manual k cup sealing machine

The SM-4 k cup sealing machine is used advanced sealing technology, quick se...

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Auto k cup sealing machine
SA-4 Auto K cup sealing machine

SA-4 k cup sealing machine can seal PP nespresso pod by adding one extra tra...

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Automatic K cup sealer machine
SA-12 Automatic K cup sealer machine

The SA-12 K cup sealer machine own stainless steel frame and brand elec...

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manual nespresso capsules sealer
SS-6 manual nespresso capsules sealer

1.Cavity number: 6 available 2.Stainless steel with thickness- 3 mm. Omron e...

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PP compatible auto sealer
SX-6 Nespresso PP compatible auto sealer

This PP compatible auto sealer is used for packing yogurt, milk, juice, spic...

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Capsules Making Machine
Alu SX-6 Aluminum Nespresso Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

All Saneu aluminium sealer machines have one year guarantee from the day cus...

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Automatic coffee capsule sealing machine
Nit SX-4 Automatic Nespresso capsule sealing machine with Nitrogen

Nit SX-4 4 Pod Nitrogen system sealer is used for coffee capsule sealing wit...

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Fully automatic coffee capsule filling sealing machine
SR-1 Fully automatic rotary coffee capsule filling sealing machine

SANU SR-1 rotary filling sealing machine can automatically complete dropping...

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empty k-cup with filter
Private label empty k-cup with filter

K CUP MATERIALS Empty K cup,filter and lid Food grade material Suitable for ...

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Aluminum Espresso capsules lids
37 mm Aluminum Espresso Lids Foil Seals

Compatible with Nespresso machines Suitable for heat-sealing

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K CUP Compatible Lid
K CUP 2.0 Compatible Lid

Compatible with Keurig 2.0 version Suitable for heat-sealing

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Nespresso Filling Broad
Nespresso Filling Broad

Aluminum for board, organic glass for press plates,350*310*150mm/ctn, 3...

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PP K-cup Filling Broad
PP K-cup Filling Broad

Durable manual filling tool for nespresso k cup coffee capsule, 600*500*400 ...

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Who We Are?
SANEU is coffee capsule packaging equipment manufacturer located in Guangzhou, China. SANEU's business covers 30 countries and regions, 60% business from customers' recommendation. Our distributors located around the world can provide local service quickly. We focus on coffee capsule packaging(K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza etc.) and concentrate every detail of machines. SANEU machines from design, raw material picking up, process(mechanical processing and artificial buffing), assemble to testing, are finished under a set of rigid procedure.  "SANEU" is a registered trademark, most of our coffee capsule filling machines and sealing machines have CE certification and Patents. Our flexible one-stop solutions for small scale productions, different coffee flavor testing, shelf life testing, new items promotion and market research etc. supply strong supports.
Saneu Enterprise Limited
We deeply understand the importance of production for you. Once it is stopped, you can't deliver goods in time, and it has possibility to suffer the claim of breaking a contract. At the beginning, machines are equipped with good raw material and trusted electrical elements. All Saneu machines have one year guarantee from the day customers receive them. During this period,all spare parts can be replaced and delivered freely if broken under non-human factors.
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