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Coffee Undergoing Nitrogen Flushing is the Tastiest you’ve Ever Had

For those of us who work in the coffee roasting industry, fresh and tasty aspects are of much importance. They always look for methods to make our coffee roasts last longer while still producing a product that customers will adore and repeat buying.

Although roasting coffee enhances the scent, color, and flavor of the beans, too much time spent in the air can cause the beans to lose their flavor and become stale. Additionally, when coffee is ground, the oils on the beans are exposed and they release gases that over time mute the flavor of the finished beverage.

Carbon dioxide is released by coffee just after roasting. Compared to ground coffee, whole bean coffee produces carbon dioxide more gradually. Coffee beans release carbon dioxide as they are ground, hastening the degassing and staling process.

The race is on to pack the product swiftly and effectively to preserve the fresh-roasted flavor once the coffee beans have been roasted or ground. This is when our nitrogen flushing with nitrogen flushing sealer for k-cup steps in to rescue the day.

Why Nitrogen?

To remove oxygen from coffee capsules that have just been filled with freshly roasted or ground coffee, nitrogen is an excellent gas to use. Nitrogen also stops bacterial development by removing oxygen and moisture. You can create packaging that will preserve the flavor and aroma of your coffee until your consumers are ready to make themselves the ideal cup.

What Does Nitrogen Flushing Mean and How Does It Operate?

It does just what it says on packaging label: It removes oxygen and substitutes it with nitrogen. It's a method that's common across many sectors, but it’s best known for preventing packaged food from spoiling badly. Consider chip bags, which typically employ nitrogen to preserve food and shield it from harm during transportation and storage.

This is how it goes :

The most common method for fresh coffee into bags packaging is a vertical form and fill system. A hopper in the ceiling is supplied with coffee beans or grounds. As the bag is filled with coffee from the overhead dispenser, it is flushed with food-grade nitrogen as it is fed into the dispenser. The coffee is then sealed in the bag after being flushed with nitrogen, guaranteeing that it will stay fresh for months.

For K-cups, the procedure is similar. In K-cup filler and sealer equipment, specific pods are used to hold K-cups. Ground coffee is put into the pods, the film cover is put on top, and packaging device will close chamber to form a close environment,then all air in the chamber will be pumped out. Normal air pressure is 101325Pa, air-pumped out in chamber only 50--100pa, it is near 100% vacuum state then nitrogen are forced to being flushed into chamber. Your coffee bag or K-cup sealer already has a mechanism for nitrogen flushing; a separate piece of equipment is not necessary.

What Other Advantages our nitrogen flushing sealer Offers?

In addition to improved flavor and freshness, we can think of three advantages:

Time reductions Communication cost :

plenty of single serve pods from different manufactures in the market. It needs much time to promote their goods for non-brand coffee pods if your goods without core attractive point. Currently, most of coffee pods packaging are without nitrogen packaging except some well-known brands.  Packaging coffee with nitrogen gas will extremely raise competition ability and get positive feedback from users easily.

Increased clientele and potential revenue :

Due to longer shelf life and the ability to ship your coffee product far and wide, nitrogen packing enables you to possibly grow your business by expanding your geographic reach. Since they frequently require a product that keeps its freshness longer than retail packaging, you could even be able to draw in additional customers from the culinary and hospitality industries. An increasing number of retail establishments, restaurants, and lodging facilities demand that their coffee suppliers package their goods in nitrogen-flushed bags.

Better Customer Experience and Company Reputation :

You'll develop a solid reputation, help assure better customer experience, and foster brand loyalty by offering a consistently fresh and tasty coffee product that is seldom stale. Our nitrogen flushing sealer for k-cup makes this possible.

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