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How to choose K cup & Nespresso nitrogen flushing packing equipment

We need to know what is nitrogen flushing packaging and advantage of this packaging before getting answer

Nitrogen flushing packaging is to fill high pure nitrogen into container. Usually 98.5.0% plus nitrogen cover the whole packaging for food preservation. Like Potato chips, coffee capsules, snacks, breakfast cereals, candies, bakery products, dried fruits and vegetables with nitrogen flushing 。

Before nitrogen is filled into a package, oxygen and any moisture present will be taken out. After oxygen is removed, food packaging with nitrogen flushing preserves quality, slows down spoilage and longer the products' shelf life.

Air is a mixture,which consist of 78% nitrogen,20.9% O2,0.03% CO2, noble gas about 0.94%,water vapor and other impurities about 0.03%. When fresh coffee powder in air without any packaging, it will absorb moisture and get oxidation, flavor disappear with several hours. Therefore, Coffee manufacturers have to face this challenge. it is an ideal effective solution to use nitrogen packaging. If nitrogen in the coffee capsule can reach 98 % plus, it can preserve the desirable quality and extending the shelf life of coffee capsule.

Currently,many machinery manufactures state their device with nitrogen flushing function.

The first generation device is to blow nitrogen before container sealing. It doesnt make any sense in the way.

The second generation device ,There are 3 locations of nitrogen filling .

1. gas filling in the whole coffee hopper.

2. gas filling when cup dropping.

3,  nitrogen flushing before sealing. In order to raise nitrogen percentage, they will install glass shade on machine to lock gas leaking.  This device is better than first generation , sealed products contains more nitrogen. But this data is much lower than 98.5%. it makes plenty of nitrogen loss, and raise production fee.

SANEU company create the third generation of the advanced vacuum nitrogen flushing technology through plenty of labor testing and data analysis. Nitrogen gas in the sealed capsules can reach 98.5% plus. Sometimes, it can reach 99.5% plus. This technology only has little nitrogen consumption and lock your coffee original flavor. It has stronger competition for specialty coffee packaging.  Back to our headline of  question,  nitrogen 98.5% in K-cup at least is recommended for nitrogen packing equipment

Critical working point is that Coffee capsules are sealed in a close nitrogen chamber without air. If you are interested in this packaging solution or want to know more this technology, we can share you more info.

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