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How to operate the Nespresso coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

The coffee capsule filling and sealing machine is mainly composed of a machine base, an electric control system, a liquid crystal interface, a filling device, a capsule pressing device, and a capsule ejecting device. Want to know how to operate Nespress. The coffee capsule filling and sealing machine then needs to understand its working principle.

Working principle of full self-service capsule filling machine

The hollow capsules installed on the machine enter the capsule machine one by one with the operation of the equipment. The tablet is indeed turned over under the action of the capsule guide groove and the shift fork. Each time the machine moves, it releases a row of capsules into the module hole. And make a gelatine body on the bottom, and a capsule cap on the top. The gap of the machine rotates to make the capsules output to various positions in the turntable module. The vacuum separation system separates the cap body while sliding the tablet into the module hole.

As the machine runs, the lower module extends outwards and is staggered from the upper module. This is good for filling materials. The coffee powder enters the Nespress from the stainless steel funnel. capsule. The filling rod pushes the compacted Kawangyou into the tablet. The amount of coffee powder can be changed by adjusting the height of each group of filling rods. The lower module of the machine is retracted and merged with the upper module. Then use the push rod to fix and lock the filled capsule. At this time, the conveyor belt pushes out and collects the fixed finished Nespresso capsules. The vacuum cleaner cleans the module hole, and then enters the next cycle.

Features of automatic capsule filling and sealing machine:
The fully automatic Nespresso capsule filling machine is a new type of equipment developed in recent years. The main function is to put the filler into the hollow capsule and equip with different specifications of molds. The capsule machine can automatically complete filling, pressing, sealing, pushing out and other actions at the same time. The equipment adopts a fully enclosed design and meets GMP requirements. At the same time, it has the characteristics of lazy structure, accurate dosage, high production efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. It is widely used for the filling of Nespresso capsules.

Operation process:
The standard operating procedure of the capsule filling equipment installs each component in turn. Connect the Nespresso capsule sealing machine to the power source. We debug the equipment and confirm that the machine is in an average state.
The machine is idling, and after confirming that there is no abnormality, put the hollow Nespresso capsules into the cup holder. Add coffee powder or liquid to the hopper to start filling. Adjust the volume, weigh the volume, calculate the volume difference, and check whether the appearance, fit, and lock meet the requirements. It does confirm that it meets the needs and is approved by the staff.
After the test filling is qualified, the machine enters the standard packaging. During the filling process, we need to check whether the appearance, lock buckle and weight difference of Nespresso plastic ring meet the requirements. If there is a problem, we can adjust it at any time.

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