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How to use K cup without machine at all

People who like to make their own coffee will pay great attention to the taste and quality of the coffee. There is indeed a cracking method here. You can use the filling K cup without compromising the quality of the coffee. We will complete the process in a few simple steps.

This is a manual process, so more patience is required. First, you need to make sure to prepare the following items:

1. Screen filter

2. Electric kettle

3. Measuring cup

4. Mug

5. Scissors

Your first step is to make sure you have boiling water in your kettle. Pick up the K cup from there and cut out the bottom. You must make sure to avoid cutting the filter when opening the bottom of the K cup foil lids.

You can place the K cup under the light so that you can see the outline of the filter. Use scissors to cut out the bottom. After this step, you can open the top of the k-shaped cup by cutting the foil layer seal. You can poke a hole and make a nice cut to cut the foil neatly.

Always be extra careful to avoid spilling coffee powder on the kitchen counter or floor. The next step is to put the strainer into the cup. You may need to clean it first.

You can find such a grid in the "dollar tree". There are different types, so your best choice is the one that fits your cup perfectly. Then, place the K-cup in the grid so that it is well placed and held during pouring.

The next step is to pour enough hot water to fill your measuring cup. Then, slowly pour the water into the K cup to make sure it does not overflow.

Since the water pressure is not as high as the water pressure generated by the machine, pouring may take a few seconds.

It takes about one and a half to two minutes to empty the water in the measuring cup. Both the filter and the low pressure of the water caused the slowness of the process.

After that, your coffee is ready, almost as good as the brewer's coffee. You can continue to add sweeteners and milk. Look! A cup of delicious coffee is just fine.

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