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Manual for Coffee Capsule Sealing Machine

This manual is an important part of the equipment and must be stored together with the equipment. The buyer must store it in good condition. If it is damaged, please contact us.


Before moving or interacting with the coffee capsule sealing machine, you must read the user manual. It is mandatory for the buyer to require the operator to read and understand this manual.

1. Temperature button

Turn on the power; turn the temperature button to 180℃~190℃, it takes about 5-10 minutes to heat up. After the heating work is completed, the green indicator light will turn red. At this time, the equipment is ready for sealing work.

2. Film transfer button

Whenever a new film is installed, press the film transfer button, the film will turn to the correct position for sealing To work, there is no need to touch this button until the next new film roll is installed.

3. Cup feeding skid

After the heating work is completed, the equipment can be sealed, put the cup on the skid, and push the skid into the device. Then press the sealed handle, and release the handle when the indicator light flashes. Note: The temperature should be adjusted according to different film thicknesses, too high temperature will damage the film Membrane and cups. Residual membranes and cups can bump the workbench and cause seal leakage.

4. Counter button

When the device finishes all work, turn the counter to the reset position.

5. Small cup mould

When sealing the small cup, place the small cup mold on the cup feed chute, and then start the sealing work.

We focus on coffee capsule packaging(K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza etc.) and concentrate every detail of machines. SANEU machines(coffee capsule filling machine,k cup sealing machine and so on) from design, raw material picking up, process(mechanical processing and artificial buffing), assemble to testing, are finished under a set of rigid procedure.

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