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Multifunctional coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

SANEU's multifunctional coffee capsule filling and sealing machine represents a versatile, high-speed, fully automatic solution expressly engineered for coffee products. It caters not only to coffee but also to other powder-based items like tea powder, cocoa powder, and more. Furthermore, this coffee capsule sealing machine is adaptable for use with a variety of containers, including cups with rolled film or pre-cut lids, as well as liquid products such as fruit juice, water, granules, and powders, in response to specific customer needs.

saneu multifunctional coffee capsule filling and sealing machine


Fillable Materials: Powder-based products, including coffee, juice powder, tea powder, etc.

Compatible Containers: Plastic capsules, small cups, and more.

Machine Structure:

A: Control System: The k-cup coffee capsule filling and sealer utilizes a PLC controller and Japanese Omron control components. The entire coffee capsule packing machine is pneumatic, ensuring stable operation.
B: Sealing Device: Equipped with a two-heat seal mechanism for secure sealing.
C: Molds: Employing acid-resistant molds for longevity.
D: Material Composition: The machine body is constructed from stainless steel, and parts that come into contact with materials are made of 304 stainless steel.
E: Electrical Components: Utilizes renowned global brands.
F: Filling System: Employs a screw feed and press-tight method.

Key Features:

Automatic Feeding: Coffee capsules/cups are automatically fed onto the machine's conveyor belt.
Precise Filling: The machine accurately measures and fills coffee powder in quantities of 3g, 5g, 7g, 10g, and more, pressing the powder tightly.
Sealing: It automatically feeds the foil and performs a dual-heat seal.
Output: The machine's final output is the sealed capsule/cup, which can be linked to a conveyor belt for further handling.
Reliability: Offers stable and reliable performance, backed by security and alarm functions.
Accuracy: Filling volume is precise, and cups are sealed to perfection.
Versatility: Features stepless speed control, allowing for adjustable filling times.
Durability: The machine incorporates alumite as moving molds, ensuring long-lasting and hygienic performance.
Quality Components: All machine components are sourced from renowned global manufacturers.
Filling Control: Utilizes a piston valve filling head to auto-regulate the volume in the tank.

Operator Comfort: Equipped with a noise reduction device, ensuring a comfortable working environment.

Working Process:

Auto-Feed: Coffee capsules/cups are automatically placed on the machine's conveyor belt.
Inner Filter Layer (Optional): For certain applications, the machine can auto-feed the inner filter layer.
Sorting Function (Optional): The machine can sort the outer packaging and inner filter layers.
Precise Filling: The machine accurately measures and fills the coffee powder to the desired weight.
Powder Pressing: Ensures that the powder is compacted within the cup/capsule.
Filter Layer (Optional): The machine can auto-feed the filter paper/layer to cover the coffee powder.
Sealing: It automatically feeds the foil and performs a dual-heat seal.

Final Output: The sealed capsule/cup is automatically conveyed for further handling.

Additional Functions:
Automatic Cup Loading
Automatic Filter Insertion
Filter Compaction
Nitrogen Flush System
Aluminum Lid Handling
Dual-Sealing Mechanism
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