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The Ultimate Guide to K Cup filling machine

K cup Coffee capsules have often offered greater convenience to coffee drinkers. Many high-end coffee aficionados place great importance on being able to taste a cup of good coffee without having to spend time and effort brewing them.

As a Manufacturer of packaging machinery for coffee capsules, SANEU based in Guangzhou, China. 30 nations and areas are covered by our company, which derives 60% of its revenue from client referrals. Local service can be rapidly provided through our distributors, who are dispersed worldwide. We concentrate on machine details and coffee capsule packaging (K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza, etc.). From design to testing, our machines follow a disciplined process from design to raw material selection through the process including artificial buffing and mechanical treatment.

The majority of our coffee capsule filling and sealing devices have CE certification and patents, and we are a recognized brand. Strong support is provided by our adaptable one-stop solutions for small-scale manufacturing, testing various coffee flavors, shelf life testing, promoting new products, and market research, among other things.


K-cup filling Machine

K cup filling devices are specifically designed to fill and seal K cups with specialty coffee . Additional features include missing-cup detection,automated feeding, automatic filling,auto sealing film,nitrogen flushing (optional ), automatic cup ejection. Stainless steel is used in the machine's construction, along with electrical components for control. Its presence has aided more facilities in realizing automated and unmanned manufacturing, reducing labor costs and waste, and enabling all customers to regularly enjoy safe and healthful coffee.

Features of SANEU K-cup filling machine:

Ø All food-contact surfaces are made up of 304 stainless steel

Ø A rapid, steady, and precise movement is determined by the high strength and high accuracy chain wheel, gearbox, bearing, and division box.

Ø The high-quality pneumatic parts ensure that the machine's air circuit operates steadily, that the air pressure within the machine is steady, and that the airflow is even, considerably reducing the likelihood of failure and enhancing the machine's output capacity.

Ø Electrical components are from well-known manufacturers like Schneider, Siemens, and Allen-Bradley.

Ø A favorable manufacturing environment is provided by a UV sterilization system (optional).

Ø Reduction of labor cost is achieved with coffee capsule sorter as well as lifting and delivering system.

Ø Electromagnetic storms have virtually eliminated the issue of static electricity in the powder packaging process, which caused the packaging process to fail;

Ø The peristaltic pump drop filling apparatus is prepared for future liquid flavor addition to the capsule (optional)

Ø The second heat seal is stronger. It removes the possibility of faulty items accessing the market

Ø The real-time data feedback from the online weighing equipment to the PLC identifies and removes faulty items (optional)

Ø The discharging over-turning device gets the capsule ready for further bagging

Ø Counts all the capsules automatically

Ø Roll film cutting and sealing system: uses a fine-toothed, high-precision cylinder blade to cut and seal rolls simultaneously with a 0.1mm sealing deviation. A servo motor drives roll film expansion and dragging with great accuracy using the identification mark method.

Ø When using a nitrogen filling device, a low-pressure environment is created, and when the nitrogen source pressure and rate of flow are met, there is  98.5% nitrogen plus left in the capsule, sealing and encasing the fresh coffee

Ø The worldwide PLC and HMI software installation inconsistency problems, as well as the inability to update, check, and back up the machine's programs due to network issues, are both largely resolved by the remote control system.

Ø Additionally, the client may check daily in real-time using the mobile app if the machine's parameter value is normal, as well as the machine's failure rate, production efficiency, and other factors.

Ø Screw feeders and vacuum feeders can be used to create the appropriate automatic replenishment system, depending on the preferences of the consumers.

    Our filling system's precision can reach 0.1g.

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