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The Working Principle of Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

Do you know how the coffee capsule packaging machine works?

In this section, you are going to go through a step by step process of the automatic coffee pod packaging.

Step One: Preparation of all the Ingredients

First, you need to prepare all the relevant ingredients that you require to pack.

This includes preparing the coffee, decaf and adding all the relevant flavors.

Apart from that, you have to do a thorough inspection of the machine and ensure it is perfect working condition.

You have to ensure that the packaging materials is also in place.

Step Two: Putting Coffee in Mixing Cylinders

Secondly, you will fill the coffee into the receiving cylinders after doing a thorough mix of all the ingredients.

Power the machine on and key in the packaging specifications from the programmable logic controller (PLC).

The packaging specifications can be:

Quantity of the coffee you need in every pod
the size of the pod the machine needs to make

The packaging speed of the coffee pod packaging machine among others.

Step Three: Pod Formation Process

As that continues, the machine will be forming the coffee pods according to the right sizes.

It also pushes the pods to the filter forming module.

The filter forming module cuts and forms small discs of filter paper.

The pods proceed to the welding station where the machine will stick the filters to the pods.

Step Four: Actual Filling Process or the Dosing Module

After a successful completion of the above steps, it is time to begin the filling process.

Allow the coffee from the cylinders to flow out of the cylinder.

The servo driven augers deposit the right amount of coffee into every pod.

During the filling process, there is an automatic changeover of the funnels and nozzles.

Step Five: Weighing the Coffee Pods

Right after filling, the automatic filling sealing machine will lift the coffee pods to the load cell.

At this point, the load cell will weigh the coffee pods and ensure it is of the right quantity.

The machine communicates the weight of every coffee pod to the PLC for your confirmation.

In case the amount of coffee in any of the pods is drifting, then you have to adjust the auger.

Step Six: Rim Cleaning

As the augers fill the pods, there might be some coffee that spills on to the lids.

To avoid such issues, you need to clean the lid using a vacuum.

Step Seven: Lidding the Coffee Pods

At this point, the machine passes nitrogen over the head space.

After that, it automatically places the lid on top of the coffee pods before heat sealing the lids.

A high speed vision system then ensures that the lid sits perfectly on the coffee pod.

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