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Can Coffee Capsule Be Environmentally Friendly?

Single cup coffee capsule that are environmentally friendly, less expensive and taste great.

While single cup coffee brewing options have been around for many years, there has not been a solution that seriously addresses the environmental issue of waste...or has there?

Keurig K-cups Coffee capsule and Tassimo T-Discs are made of a plastic material with a foil lid, while people began drinking more and more coffee brewed in their Keurig or Tassimo they began to take notice of the waste produced by the millions of spent plastic capsules. Environmentally conscious people began asking for a solution. Coffee pods are simply made out of filter paper, similar to a tea bag. They are biodegradable, many coffee pods produced today are fully compostable, even the packaging.

Product awareness was minimal for coffee pods. Before getting into the consumer market, Keurig had already began installing commercial single cup K-cup brewers in the office coffee segment. People who had a Keurig in their office loved the high quality coffee and flavor options and naturally wanted one in their home. No commercial coffee pod brewer existed yet for the office environment and marketing in retail was minor.  Keurig / Green Mountain had incredible marketing campaigns and was able to captured a huge section of the single cup coffee segment before most people knew what a coffee pod was. This combined with a slow development of reliable commercial coffee pod brewers placed the coffee pod out of sight, but not gone. People saw the value in the coffee pod and slowly as pod brewing equipment improved so did coffee options and people looking for them.

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