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Coffee Capsule Filling Machine

Coffee Pod Sealing Machine

Nespresso Capsule Filler

  • coffee filling machine
    Automatic vertical multihead weigher weighing filling coffee chocolate bean packing machine
    Automatic vertical multihead weigher weighing filling coffee chocolate bean packing machine
    Automatic vertical multihead weigher weighing filling coffee chocolate bean packing machine Standard Features  1. The machine adopts high precision servo film transport system, PLC Program Control, developed touchable Human-machine Interface of Advanced Automatic Positioning, Photoelectric Tracking, Digital Temperature Control,etc. 2. Operation is more Simple, perfect. It is the first choice of food packaging industry to Improve the production efficiency, reduce Labor Intensity, improve the grade of packaging equipment. 3. Transverse and longitudinal sealing Temperature Control independently, suitable for PE/polyethylene, PE/aluminum plating,pet/PE, pp, and other heat-ealing packaging materials, etc. 4. It completes the whole procedure of filling, measuring, bagging, date printing, charging(exhausting), product out-putting automatically. 5. High precision, high efficiency without crash the materials. 6. Packaging style diversified, back sealing, gusset bag, continuous bags, punching, etc. 7. Work environment quiet, low noise, saving energy. 8. A complete set of equipment is economical.  Type Multi-Function Packaging Machine Production Capacity  20bag/min, 40bag/min, 50bag/min Applicable Industries Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food  Weight (KG): 1200 Application: Food, Commodity, Machinery & Hardware Packaging Type: Stand-up Pouch, Bags, Film, Foil, Pouch Packaging Material: Plastic, Paper Showroom Location: United States, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Argentina, Chile, UAE, Nigeria, Malaysia Function: FILLING, Sealing, Auto-Weight-Form-Fill-Seal Packaging Type: Stand-up Pouch, Bags, Film, Foil, Pouch Automatic Grade: Automatic Driven Type: Pneumatic Voltage: 220/50Hz Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Dimension(L*W*H): (L)1488*(W)1080*(H)1490mm Warranty: 2 years Key Selling Points: High-accuracy Machinery Test Report: Provided Video outgoing-inspection: Provided Core Components: Motor, Pressure vessel, Pump, PLC, Gear, Bearing, Engine, Gearbox Material: Stainless Steel/Painted Steel Capacity: 20-50Bag/Min Bag Type: Pillow Bag/Gusset Bag Max Film Width: 420mm Bag size can make: W:80-250mm L:30-400mm Weight can pack: 20g-2kg(Depends on material) Machine Model TT-420 TT-520 TT-620 TT-720 Pouch Size W: 10-200m     L: 50-330mm W: 100-250mm        L: 50-350mm W: 130-300m L: 100-500mm W: 130-350mm    L: 100-600mm Filling range 0-1KG 200g-2kg 500g-3kg 1kg-5kg Packing speed 10-90 bag/min According to the product character Power 1.5-4.5KW AC220V/380V±10% 3-PHASE 50HZ/60HZ
  • Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine SR-11
    SR-11 Fully Automatic Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine for Keurig k cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza
    SR-11  High Speed Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine This fully-automatic capsule filling sealing machine can produce almost all compatible capsules, such as Keurig k cup, Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza, K-fee and custom-shaped, etc.  K cup filling machine is the highest speed model with highest level of quality in China now. This machine combined with top advanced technology in the world. Machine performance is quite stable.  This machine combined with top advanced technology in the world.  Machine performance is quite stable. Machine Technical Parameters Model SR-11 Filling material ground coffee Parts Contact With Product Food grade Stainless Steel AISI 304 Capacity 40-50 pcs/min Filling way servo driven auger filling Filling Weight 5-20g Filling Accuracy ±0.1g Power 3Phase  220/380V  50/60HZ  1.5KW Air Supply ≥0.6Mpa Air Consumption 0.1m³/min Weight 800Kg Dimension 1590×870×1983mm Machine working video    Docle Gusto filling Machine  Extra mold for alu nespresso pod Characteristics 1: The machine could equip automatic vacuum feeding system. Which can feeding coffee powder when coffee is lack in hopper. (Optional) 2: This machine has standard UV sterilization lamps, which sterilizes cups before filling . 3:Unique storage designs that can stockpile a large number of cups each time and automatically feed the cups into packaging line. In addition, putting the capsules is very easily, it reduces the labor cost and time . Likewise, this system completely solves the problem that cups got stuck and damaged .  4: The conveyor comes with the machine serves protection to the finished products and facilitation for collecting. To add accessories such as a coding machine on the conveyor belt, it’s as easy as pie. Through it, you can connect the capsule machine to a bagging machine or cartooning machine conveniently.           5: The auger filler in this machine has world highest precision that can reach 0.05 grams, furthermore it won’t leak coffee powder out of cup. The material contact machine is all SS304; it meets the medical hygiene standards. Also, the barrel can be quickly disassembled and purified. The material of the barrel is stainless steel, it has the advantages of being resistant to cleaning, break and scratching. 6: Original designed capsule rim completely cleaning system, which can achieve nearly 100% none dust on rim.. 7. The pre cut lid is taken with vacuum suction. We used high quality suction cups to guarantee the stability and long usage. Servo controlled independent sealing and cutting station guarantees a tight and pretty seal. The biggest advantage of this station is the cutting lid without edge waste. That is we can cut the lid diameter from roll film exactly as the same as the cup diameter. Such stations are designed inside the machine frame, save a lot of space for customers.  8: Super nitrogen filling system. From the beginning of the coffee into hopper to the end of the packaging, It is with high purity nitrogen. 9: Equipped with detecting devices. No cup no filling, no film no sealing, rejecting waste, safety door, etc. 10: Original designed sealing device guarantees a tight and pretty seal. 11: Adopt robotic arm to pick and release capsule that instead of old vertical cylinder type capsule feeding. It solves the problem of the dropping cup. This technology is far ahead of the industry. 12:  Liquid flavor or granule flavor adding device. (Optional)                   
  • Auto nespresso filling
    Nespresso Coffee Filling Sealing Machine SK-2
    Aluminum nespresso filling sealing machine with  capacity of 5000-6000pcs/H This machine is specially designed for coffee powder to be filled and sealed inside empty nespresso capsule. This filling and sealing machines applied with world famous electrical and pneumatic components. All the parts of machine contact with powder are made of stainless steel.
  • k cup coffee pod nitrogen sealer
    K cup nitrogen flushing sealer
    It is a headache matter for Some sepcialty coffee manufacture to keep coffee powder fresh after being roastered. Since limited specialty coffee supply , to have a good packaging is becoming extremely urgent.  Based on this reason, K cup nitrogen flushing sealer is created. K cup pods produced by this machine are plump, and it can keep coffee original flavor longer and avoid being oxidized in air. The K-cup  produced by this machine has 98.5% plus nitrogen in the container. sometimes, it can reach 99.5% plus
  • coffee capsule filling sealing machine dolce gusto nespresso pod filling machine
    SR-1 Fully Automatic Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
    SR-1 Fully Automatic Rotary Coffee Capsule Filling Machine
    Packing specialty coffee into K-cup, Nespresso, Lavazza, Docle Gusto, K-fee etc.  nitrogen gas flushing into capsule to help preserve the coffee’s flavor.  Nitrogen gas in coffee capsules from this device can reach 98.5% plus.  Sometimes 99.5% plus.  this machine can produce different types of capsules by changing extra mold.  Whole working process : automatically complete dropping cup, powder filling, mechanical hand suck lids, Chamber close, nitrogen flushing, sealing, capsules out from machine k cup filling machine for sale Item No.: SR-1 Tray Cavity: customization Type: Rotary Filling & Sealing Machine Forming Species:Melt Molding Driven Type:Electric+Pneumatic dirve Automatic Grade:Fully Automatic
  • Automatic K cup sealer machine
    SA-12 Automatic K cup sealer machine
    SA-12 Automatic K cup sealer machine
    SA-12 K cup sealer machine with stainless steel frame and brand electrical elements. Advanced sealing technology, quick sealing, No stick to cup, manual polishing on machine frame, smooth, no harmful to user. Item No.: SA-12 Tray Cavity: 12 Cavities, customization Type: Sealing Machine
  • aluminum foil sealing machine
    Alu SX-10 Aluminum sealer machine
    Alu SX-10 Aluminum sealer machine
    All Saneu sealer machines have one year guarantee from the day customers receive them. During this period,all spare parts can be replaced and delivered freely if broken under non-human factors. At the meantime, all machines enjoy life-time technical support. Item No.: Alu SX-10 Tray Cavity: 10 Cavities, customization Type: Sealing Machine
  • Coffee capsule filling machine for K-cup
    Coffee capsule filling machine for K-cup
    This is an High speed + High efficency model of k cup coffee filling machine for companies who want to go into market and get market cake quickly
  • k cup production, K-cup sealing machine, k-cup coffee pod filling machine
    K-cup manufacturing filling and sealing machine for Sale
    This model of K-cup coffee pod manufacturing machine is also named Empty Kcup Filter Welding machine adopts advanced sealing technology to assemble empty k-cup and filter together.  If you have big purchase quantity every month importing from China, this machine is recommended highly . The local k-cup production can reduce shipping cost sharply. As you know, filtered K-cup packaging is very bulk, cover a big volume. Take 10,000 filtered K cup for example, Shipping cost by DHL will take 880 dollar approximately. and its original cost of K-cup is only 333 dollar.   shipping cost is near three times of good value.  and you can control production process with this machine, when there are urgent order demand, this machine machine will take a stable performance.
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