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Hot selling manual coffee powder capsule filling and sealing machine

SANEU is professional coffee capsule packaging equipment manufacturer,today we'll introduce our hot selling manual coffee capsule sealing machine.

Here has two types of manual coffee capsule sealing machines.

SM-4 manual K cup sealing machine and SS-6 manual Nespresso capsules sealing machine.

manual K cup sealing machine

manual Nespresso capsules sealing machine

Our manual coffee filling and sealing machine can be used to fill different types of coffee capsules. Such as K-cup,Nespresso and Lavazza capsules. But if you want to use roll film, the mold cannot be changed. A coffee machine can only be filled with one type of coffee capsule.

Heating method: constant temperature heating
Degree of automation: manual
Heat sealing size: within 100*100MM
Features: It can be used to heat-seal coffee capsule cups of various sizes or sealable aluminum foil cups, with fast heating speed, convenient operation, no noise, small footprint, stable performance and low investment cost. Easy to change molds.
Uses: Mainly use various sizes of coffee capsule cups or sealable aluminum foil cups and other products for heat sealing. This machine is specially designed for small batch needs, with flexible operation and small footprint. Very economical! It is an ideal heat sealing machine for individuals, enterprises, institutions, laboratories, hospitals, scientific research institutions, etc.
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