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How Much Do You Know About Espresso Coffee?

Espresso is one of the types of coffee that combines high pressure water near boiling point and ground coffee. This coffee is thicker than other coffees and has a higher concentration of suspended solids and dissolved solids. Espresso is often combined with other beverages to make different kinds of coffee, such as Americano, lattes, etc.

There is no specific standard for making espresso, but there are some related publications that limit the type and amount of ground coffee, the temperature and pressure of the water, and the speed of extraction. . Generally speaking, espresso is made by an espresso machine. After the production is completed, it is sealed. Nowadays, it is generally installed in a capsule, and then sealed and stored by a coffee capsule sealing machine.

Drinking espresso does not require a very special environment, and sometimes even a table is not required. Many people like to stand at the bar and watch how the barista makes a cup of espresso beautifully and smoothly, and then brings it over in three seconds. kill. But now, many people prefer to buy sealed coffee capsules and add other drinks at will according to their own preferences.

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coffee capsule sealing machine

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