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How to choose the coffee capsule system that suits you

First, we need to determine which coffee capsule system to use. Common ones are Keurig, Nespresso, Lavazza, dolce gusto. Different coffee capsules correspond to different coffee systems, so it is necessary to use a matching coffee capsule machine. At the same time, due to the different sizes and capacities of different capsules, the corresponding capacities of coffee powder are also different.

How to choose a coffee capsule filling machine to produce coffee capsules?

Generally Saneu coffee capsule sealing machine can be divided into manual coffee capsule filling and sealing machine and rotary coffee capsule sealing machine. These two devices have the following characteristics:

1) Manual coffee capsule filling and sealing machine
manual coffee capsule filling and sealing machine
With low cost and simple operation, it has a high potential for customization, and various functions can be designed according to specific needs. Generally suitable for small and medium manufacturers.

2) Rotary coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

rotary coffee capsule sealing machine

Stable performance,can be used for small spaces, fixed functions and standardized functions.
At the same time, the area is relatively small and the transportation is convenient. But at the same time, the area will be larger.

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