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How To Use Coffee Capsules?

Coffee capsule is a kind of flourishing freshly ground coffee. It is a convenient and fast freshly ground coffee healthy drink made by pulverizing green coffee beans into instant coffee and then putting them into aluminum capsules. The freshness period of the beans has increased to about a year, and it is convenient for everyone to take and store, but how should coffee capsules be drunk?

k cup coffee capsule

1. Coffee capsules can be brewed with a special capsule coffee machine. If you want to drink a lot of coffee, you can remove a coffee capsule, then prepare the capsule coffee machine and connect it to the switch power supply, and then put the coffee capsule in For the fixed part, add an appropriate amount of cold water to his tank, and then connect it to the switch power supply to let it work fully automatically. After more than ten minutes, the freshly ground coffee inside can be brewed, and it can be drunk immediately after it is removed.

2. There is also a very simple way for coffee capsules. If there is no special capsule coffee machine at home, you can open the coffee capsule, remove the instant coffee inside and put it on the filter paper immediately, and then put the filter paper on the mouth of the water cup. Warm and boil the cold water. When the temperature drops to 95 degrees, you can use boiling water to brew instant coffee. After filling, remove the filter paper and sediment, add the coffee mate to the obtained liquid, and drink it immediately after seasoning.

But after drinking coffee, what should I do with the used empty coffee capsule cup, because the coffee capsule contains the No. 7 substance in the plastic recycling mark. This kind of substance is not only difficult to degrade, but may also contain toxins. It needs to be sorted and put in Among the recyclable garbage, if you buy Nespresso coffee capsules, Nespresso has a special recycling plan for empty Nespresso coffee capsules. Consumers can use Nespresso offline channels, boutiques and retail outlets, call customer service centers, or online You can get a capsule recycling bag for free when you purchase capsule coffee through channels, and make an appointment for home recycling.

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