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Low cost manual coffee capsule filling sealing machine

There are some small capsule filling machines designed for personal use, SANEU specializes in offering production quality products to small manufacturers and coffee bars. Get best manual k-cup sealing machine and manual nespresso capsule sealer from us.

Manual capsule fillers require human participation to create completed products. Unlike automated machines, pinpointing a precise rate of capsules-per-hour is not as easy. This will depend on the production requirements and the speed at which the operator can work as well as the size of the capsules themselves.

A typical manual capsule filling sealing machine will have a bottom and top tray. Sometimes, they are two separate pieces, and other times, the machine will have the top tray on an attached lid that functions as a press for sealing the capsule.

With manual machines, the process typically works like this:

The operator deposits the bottom halves of capsules in a tray with a set number of spaces. The bottom halves should have their opening facing upward.
Top halves of capsules are placed on a separate tray. Their openings should be facing out.
The capsule bottoms are then filled with the intended substance.
The operator then takes the tray with the capsule caps, aligns it with the tray containing the bottom halves, and presses it down on the tray containing the filled capsule bottoms.
Depending on the machine you are using, you may have to manually tighten trays together to create a seal.
Once complete, separate the two trays and remove the sealed capsules.

Manual filling machines are recommended for small batches with low-volume production demands. The process takes more time and attention to detail than with an automatic version.

Most of our customers prefer to use automatic machines, but we also offer a variety of manual and semi-automatic units at low cost.  Semi-Automatic capsule filling machine combines elements of both manual and automatic capsule filling for a more streamlined process while permitting a significant amount of manual control.
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