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Nespresso Coffee Capsules can help office workers do better coffee storage.

Coffee, a must-have morning tea or drink for many foreign friends, is also deeply affecting the habits of many Chinese white-collar workers or other office workers. When we can't enjoy delicious coffee anytime and anywhere in the office, our Nespresso Coffee Capsules can help office workers do better coffee storage.

Put the coffee capsule into the capsule coffee making machine and make a cup of espresso in 25 seconds. You can enjoy this strong fragrance to your heart's content. What are the characteristics of coffee made from coffee capsules?

1. High freshness
The key to good coffee is freshness. A bag of coffee beans loses aroma after 7 days of opening. This
Coffee powder can only maintain freshness for a few hours. Coffee capsules are selected high-quality coffee beans.
Fill immediately after baking and grinding. Each capsule can make freshly roasted coffee.

2. Easy to store
The aluminum coffee capsule adopts space capsule technology and is sealed by aluminum foil without oxygen, which can keep the filling fresh. The coffee powder is stable for two years.

3. A variety of flavors
Some manufacturers specialize in mixing and baking to create different flavors. Consumers can choose their own preferences according to their preferences, and the taste is stable.

4. Professional standards
Because the latest generation of soft capsule coffee machine uses Italian professional acupuncture technology,Pressure system, it can extract charming ocher red oil. The espresso produced is completely comparable to semi
Professional coffee shop automatic commercial coffee machine, the effect is better than the home automatic coffee machine machine greatly improved.

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