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Precautions for the operation of coffee capsule filling sealing machine

The coffee capsule filling sealing machine has advanced functions and components, which can handle different capsule styles and easily change the size. With a small footprint, you can place this machine wherever you want. So what should we pay attention to after we buy the coffee capsule filling sealing machine?

coffee capsule filling sealing machine

Note for operation of coffee capsule filling sealing machine:
  • Turn on the main power switch and check whether the machine is running and the display is normal. Normal operation can only be entered after confirming that there is no abnormal phenomenon. Turn on the vacuum pump and air compressor to check whether the air pressure is normal. If there is any abnormality, adjust the negative pressure of the bag hanging machine or vacuum pump until the machine is normal.
  • Carry out formal filing and timely replenish fillers and hollow capsules. Check whether the weight and appearance of the tablet meet the requirements at any time, and we have to adjust it at any time. At the same time, pay attention to whether the equipment is standard configuration when the filling machine is running, and do not turn on and leave the work.
  • After completion, turn off the main engine power supply, vacuum pump, air compressor, and general power supply. We also need to clean and maintain equipment.

What should we pay attention to before starting?
  • We must check to ensure that all components are complete and reliable, and whether the circuit system is safe and intact. Check the lubrication condition of each lubrication point, and whether each part is running smoothly.
  • Check whether the screws are tightened. If they become loose, we should pull them in time. We also need to check whether the upper and lower molds move flexibly and smoothly, and cooperate properly.
  • When the machine is running, your hands should not be close to any part of the machine movement to prevent personal injury caused by inertia. And when installing or replacing parts, please turn off the main power to avoid danger.
  • The operator shall not leave when the machine is running, and always check the operation of the equipment. If the equipment is abnormal, it will stop immediately and eliminate the fault. Strictly implement the operating procedures of the capsule filling machine, and deal with problems in time.
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