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Precautions for the operation of coffee capsule filling sealing machine

The coffee capsule filling and sealing machine offers an array of advanced features and adaptable components, allowing for different capsule styles and easy size changes. With its compact size, it can be conveniently placed at your desired location. However, what aspects should be considered following the acquisition of this machine?

Saneu coffee capsule filling machine

Saneu coffee capsule filling machine

Pre-Operational Checklist for Coffee Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine:

1. Turn on the main power switch and ensure the machine is running smoothly with a normal display. Confirm the absence of any abnormalities before commencing operations. Activate the vacuum pump and air compressor to check for appropriate air pressure. If abnormalities exist, adjust the negative pressure of the bag-hanging machine or vacuum pump to attain normal machine functioning.

2. Perform formal filing and maintain timely replenishment of fillers and empty capsules. Continuously verify whether the weight and appearance of the capsules meet the prescribed standards, making necessary adjustments when required. Simultaneously, monitor the standard configuration of the equipment during machine operation and refrain from leaving the work area without turning off the equipment.

3. Post-operation, turn off the main power supply, vacuum pump, air compressor, and general power supply. Engage in regular cleaning and equipment maintenance.

Precautions Before Commencing Operations:

1. Ensure all components are complete, reliable, and that the circuit system is safe and intact. Verify the lubrication status of each lubrication point and ensure smooth movement of each part.

2. Check the tightness of screws; tighten any loose ones promptly. Verify smooth and proper coordination of upper and lower molds' movements.

3. Avoid proximity of hands to any moving part of the machine while it's operational to prevent personal injury due to inertia. When installing or replacing parts, turn off the main power to avert potential risks.

4. While the machine is operational, the operator must remain present and vigilant, continuously monitoring the equipment's operation. In case of abnormalities, stop the machine immediately and rectify the issue. Adhere strictly to the operating procedures of the capsule filling machine and address problems promptly.

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