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Reusable, Stainless Steel Nespresso Pod

Reusable stainless-steel coffee capsule pods are waste-free, environmentally friendly, and make brewing my favorite ground espresso sustainably easy.

I must admit, I am a bit of an espresso snob and an absolute stan for cappuccinos and lattes. When it comes to the choice of having a cup of coffee or a creamy latte, I’ll choose a latte any day. I wouldn’t even blink an eye when it came to shelling out money at my favorite coffee shop for that perfect barista latte. Unfortunately, that daily habit became too costly, so instead, I invested in a Nespresso capsule pod machine. Although I love my daily cuppa, I hated the amount of aluminum pod waste I was accumulating by the inconvenience of shipping the used pods back to Nespresso, so I decided to research reusable, planet-friendly alternatives to single-serve pods and discovered CAPMESSO Stainless Steel Nespresso Reusable Pod Capsule cooperate with Aluminum Nespresso Capsule Sealing Machine.

The capsule is also eco-friendly since it’s made using 100% food-grade, non-toxic durable stainless steel. Each capsule comes equipped with a stainless steel lid and two silicone O rings for sealing, a handy brush to remove excess grounds, and a coffee spoon that enables you to scoop your espresso grounds right into the steel capsule. The capsules are also compatible with a wide range of machines, from Nespresso to De’Longhi and Breville.

Aluminum Nespresso Capsule Machine

After my first sip of this creamy and potent brew, I was hooked! The rich layer of crema that Nespresso pods are famous for had been achieved. I’m talking cafe-quality taste rich in oil, mellow and smooth without the hefty cost per cup.

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