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Something you need to know about reusable Nespresso pod

Comparing reusable Nespresso pod and disposable capsules, reusable coffee pods must be more cost-effective. They are great because you can choose your own coffee according to your taste. Of course, they use a pod machine. The most environmentally friendly way to brew.

But the switch from disposable coffee pods to reusable coffee capsules seems unacceptable at first, right? Don't worry-we support you. Our coffee pod expert team has collected several information about your coffee pods to help you choose high-quality coffee pods and become your home barista! You can learn about coffee pods in many ways:

1. Are reusable Nespresso pods good?

There are many benefits (pun intended) of switching to reusable pods! Some of the best benefits are:

✔ They are more budget-saving-there is no doubt that repeated use can save you money.

✔ They allow you to brew your favorite coffee beans in the comfort of your home.

✔ They are earth-friendly and help transfer countless plastic disposable pods to landfills.

So they are masters. But what are the disadvantages? Some DIY pods may require some work to perfect your brew, so depending on which brand you choose, some experimentation may be required to soften your new morning cup.

2. How does the reusable Nespresso pods work?

Although each reusable Pod system is slightly different, the concept is basically the same. To use, just:

1. Put your favorite coffee powder (whether organic coffee, fair trade coffee, or even decaffeinated coffee) into the reusable capsule base.

2. Put the lid on the top of the refillable container (most use stainless steel, aluminum or silicone lids).

3. Put the capsule in your machine as usual and brew a cup.

4. Rinse, repeat, enjoy!

3. How many times can a reusable Nespresso pod be used?

The service life of refillable capsules depends on the system you choose. Any high-quality stainless steel capsule base should technically last longer than your equipment, thereby maximizing the impact on the environment and saving money. We have listed below the useful life of the most popular refillable pods:

WayCap: Unlimited reusable (zero waste)

SealPod: Infinitely reusable base (recyclable and biodegradable lid)

FeePod: Unlimited reusable base (silicone cover) Bluecup: 200+ uses MyCap: 100+ uses

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