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The difference between capsule coffee and freshly ground coffee

The difference between capsule coffee and freshly ground coffee lies in the freshness of coffee powder. Generally speaking, the coffee powder used in freshly ground coffee is freshly ground, and the taste is better. Capsule coffee is a kind of coffee that has only emerged in recent years. It has the advantages of simplicity, convenience, health and hygiene, and stable quality. The capsule coffee machine is a highly intelligent coffee machine, which is very easy to use. In addition, the coffee powder used in the capsule coffee machine can be directly put into the process of storage and brewing without unpacking.
After clarifying the difference between capsule coffee and freshly ground coffee, the remaining questions are mainly about comparison and selection.

First of all, the choice of coffee beans, the capsule machine has no choice. Only the capsules provided by the manufacturer can be bought.

Secondly, the grinding thickness and amount of coffee powder are the key factors for making coffee. The capsule is already confirmed and cannot be changed. But it can meet the general level. As long as you taste it yourself, you can know whether it can meet your needs. Of course you give up if you can't meet your own standards, and you can consider if you can meet your own standards. The semi-automatic coffee machine needs to master the grinding and making of coffee by yourself. If you do not master it well, the coffee made will be more difficult to drink. Therefore, the subject can only consider this point and make a choice.

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