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What is K cup filling and sealing machines or K cup filling machine?

K cup filling and sealing machines are the solutions to fill ground coffee inside the specially made cups and then seal with aluminum foils. It has the functions of filling, sealing, nitrogen filling, intelligent induction, etc. Good equipment should have high stability, high filling accuracy, strong and beautiful sealing, coffee can have a longer shelf life, simple maintenance, etc.

You can fill coffee, cocoa, tea, milk powder, etc into the K cups and fill 8-13 grams in one cup.

Now in the USA, more than 42% of families own a Single-cup brewing machine, and among them, K Cup has more than 90% of the market. K cup is the most popular single-serve coffee packaging solution in the North American market.

Saneu focus on coffee capsule packaging(K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza etc.), K-Cup coffee sealing machine adopts Heat Sealing, Sealing Temperature 130--300 °C, power supply 110V 60Hz 600W, and also customized.This sealing machine can solve the packaging of drinks, dairy products, tea, snack, rice, Flour, coffee.

We can provide flexible one-stop solutions for small scale productions, different coffee flavor testing, shelf life testing, new items promotion and market research etc. supply strong supports. We are professional coffee capsule packaging equipment manufacturer.

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