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What is the best coffee packaging?

Before reading this article, does anyone know what coffee is best packaged? The answer to this question is definitely to know what causes the coffee beans to deteriorate: humidity and oxygen.

Therefore, a good packaging must effectively protect coffee beans from the effects of humidity and oxygen.

Oxygen causes coffee to spoil through oxidation, the same process as all other foods (and the process by which we grow old and wrinkle). Oxygen breaks down the ingredients responsible for aroma and flavor in roasted coffee. Whole beans are more resistant to this process because they still have an outer layer, making it more difficult for oxygen to pass through it completely. Ground coffee is very susceptible to oxidation and must be handled with extreme care.

On the other hand, humidity can cause bacteria to multiply. Although coffee is not particularly rich in any nutrients that attract bugs, it does contain a small amount of natural sugar. These, together with humidity, provide a perfect stage for the growth of bacteria, yeasts and even molds, and completely destroy the original taste of our coffee. But humidity alone is not as strong as humidity and warm temperature. Sunlight and yellow light cause the temperature to rise because they emit heat: avoid exposing the coffee to sunlight or yellow light. Instead, look for packaging that does not let light through.

Therefore, before using the coffee capsule sealer, you must pay close attention to these two links and make relevant emergency treatment plans.

The above factors give us inspiration
We learned that good packaging must:
1. Exclude all air
2. Exclude all moisture.
Finally, the packaging should be colored, reinforced or anything other than transparent. You want to keep all light away from your coffee.

Look for this in your coffee packaging, not only to get the maximum flavor from the coffee, but to make it last twice or three times before it spoils.

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