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Where To Recycle Coffee Capsules?

Nespresso, which focuses on coffee capsule filling machine products, has previously launched a capsule recycling program. By setting up special recycling bins and providing environmentally friendly bags in all boutiques across the country, the capsules used by consumers are recycled, aiming to achieve the sustainable development of Nespresso. Brand responsibility with environmental protection.

Recycling your Nespresso pods is very easy (although it requires some effort). You just need to make recycling pods a part of your daily work.

On the Nespresso website, you can order a free recycling bag and ship it directly to your home. Although if you buy a Nespresso coffee machine or coffee pods filler from the official store, you can also get a recycling bag for free.Each bag can hold up to 200 Nespresso pods and 100 larger VertuoLines.

Once the bag is full, you just need to put it in a Nespresso boutique, waste disposal center or partner store. This is a great move by Nespresso, because if not handled properly, capsules can have a devastating effect on the environment.

However, there may not be a Nespresso boutique in the city where many users are located, and more people may find it troublesome not to make a special trip for capsule recycling, so they also launched the online recycling activity of the capsule recycling program.

After recycling the capsules and sealing the recycling bag, you can make an appointment for a free home recycling service by scanning the QR code on the recycling bag or placing an order through Nespresso's official WeChat account.

Since launching their capsule recycling program, Nespresso has reported that nearly 90% of capsules passed their recycling program, achieving great success.

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