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Advantages of SANEU Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

At SANEU, we provide comprehensive packaging solutions for a wide range of coffee capsules available in the market, such as Nespresso-compatible, plastic Nespresso, aluminum Nespresso, biodegradable Nespresso, K-Cups, LB, Point, Modo Mio, Dolce Gusto, and more.

SANEU Nespresso Coffee Capsules Filling and Sealing Machine

In response to the global ban on plastic, pure aluminum Nespresso and biodegradable Nespresso capsules are emerging as the industry standard. SANEU offers a specially customized coffee capsules filling and sealing machine designed for SANEU brand Nespresso coffee capsules.

Advantages of SANEU Coffee Capsules Filling and Sealing Machine

1. Vibration Capsules Sorting and Feeding: To accommodate unstackable Nespresso capsules, we offer the option of a vibration capsules sorting and feeding machine.

2. Capsule Elevator:Capsules can be loaded into a capsule elevator, which will then transport them to the vibration capsule sorting feeding machine (optional).

3. High-Quality Components: The machine is equipped with high-strength and high-precision chainwheels, gearboxes, bearings, and dividing boxes, ensuring fast, stable, and accurate operation with a long service life.

4. Reliable Pneumatic Components: High-quality pneumatic components maintain stable air circulation within the machine, preventing air pressure fluctuations and ensuring even airflow. This reduces the risk of machine failures, enhances production capacity, and extends the machine's service life.

5. UV Sterilization System: Our UV sterilization system provides a hygienic production environment for capsule manufacturing.

6. Static Electricity Control: An electromagnetic storm system effectively mitigates the issue of static electricity during the powder packaging process, reducing the likelihood of packaging failures.

7. eristaltic Pump Drop Filling Device: This device is ready for adding liquid flavors to the capsules in the future.

8. Second Strengthened Heat Seal: In the event of a first heat seal failure, the second strengthened heat seal eliminates the risk of defective products entering the market.

9. Online Weighing Device:Real-time data from the online weighing device is fed back to the PLC, allowing for the identification and automatic elimination of defective products.

10. Discharging Over-Turning Device: Prepares capsules for subsequent packaging processes, such as bagging or cartoning.

11. Automatic Output Counting: The machine automatically counts the output of finished capsules.

12. Roll Film Cutting and Sealing System: Equipped with high-precision fine-tooth cylinder blades, this system can simultaneously cut and seal the roll film with a sealing deviation of only 0.1mm. An identification mark system and servo motor drive ensure high precision.

13. Nitrogen Filling Device: Creates a low-pressure environment, ensuring that the residual oxygen content in the capsule is less than 2%. This preserves the freshness of the coffee by sealing it with highly pure nitrogen.

14. Remote Control System: Solves the challenge of software consistency between international PLC and HMI. It enables program updates, inspections, and backups even in cases of network problems. Through a mobile app, customers can monitor parameters, machine failure rates, and production efficiency in real time.

15. Screw and Vacuum Feeders: Customizable automatic replenishment systems, offering both screw and vacuum feeders, cater to the specific needs of our customers.

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