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Aadvantages of SANEU Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

All the main coffee capsules in the market can be available to find the best packing solutions at saneu.com, such as Nespresso compatible, plastic Nespresso, Aluminum Nespresso, Biodegradable Nespresso, Kcups, LB, Point, Modo Mio, Dolce Gusto, etc...

SANEU Nespresso Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine
Due to the Execution of the Ban of Plastic, the pure aluminum Nespresso/Biodegradable Nespresso Capsule will be the main stream capsules. The following coffee capsules filling sealing machine is customized for SANEU brand Nespresso coffee capsules.

Aadvantages of SANEU Coffee Capsules Filling Sealing Machine

1. Due to the unstackable Nespresso capsules, the vibration capsules sorting feeding machine will be an option.

2. The capsules can be poured into a capsule elevator, which will lift the capsules into the vibration capsule sorting feeding machine(optional)

3. High strength and high precision chain wheel, gearbox, bearing and dividing box determine the fast, stable and accurate operation of the machine, long service life and pleasant rhythm.

4. The high-quality pneumatic components make the air circuit of the machine run stably, the air pressure inside the machine is stable, and the air flow is even, which greatly avoids the failure, so as to greatly improve the production capacity and guarantee the service life of the machine.

5. UV sterilization system provides a good production environment for capsule production;

6. Electromagnetic storm has largely solved the problem of static electricity in the process of powder packaging, which avoids resulting in the failure of packaging process;

7. The peristaltic pump drop filling device is ready for adding liquid flavors in the capsule in the future;

8. The second strengthen heat seal. It eliminates the risk of defective products entering the market, even if the first heat seal fails;

9. The online weighing device feeds the data back to the PLC in real time, identifies the defective products and automatically eliminates them;

10. Discharging over-turning device prepares for the following packaging of the capsule, bagging or cartoning;

11. Automatically counts the output of the finished capsules;

12. Roll film cutting and sealing system: with high-precision fine tooth cylinder blade, it can realize online cutting and sealing at the same time, with sealing deviation of 0.1mm. With identification mark system, servo motor drives roll film expansion and dragging, with high precision.

13. With nitrogen filling device, it creates a low-pressure environment, when nitrogen source pressure and flow rate meet the conditions, the residual of Oxygen less than 2% in the capsule, so that the fresh coffee is sealed and wrapped by highly pure nitrogen;

14. The remote control system, to a great extent, solves the problem of international PLC and HMI inconsistency of the software installed on the PC side, and the program update, inspection and backup of the machine can not be solved because of the network problems. Moreover, the customer can observe whether the parameter value of the machine is normal, the failure rate of the machine, the production efficiency and so on in real time every day, which are all through the mobile app can be achieved.

15. Screw feeder and vacuum feeder, according to the choice of customers to configure the corresponding automatic replenishment system.

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