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Advantages and disadvantages of capsule coffee

Advantages of capsule coffee:

1. Easy to operate

Save the process of selecting high-quality coffee beans and grinding, just put a capsule coffee into the capsule coffee machine, press the brew button, and you can make a cup of coffee in tens of seconds.

2. High freshness

Coffee powder can only maintain the freshness for a few hours, and the coffee capsules are filled immediately after the coffee beans are roasted and ground. Each capsule of coffee maintains the freshest taste.

3. Easy to save
Coffee capsules are made by a professional coffee capsule packaging machine, uses advanced sealing technology for quick sealing.  The shelf life is usually one or two years, and it is in a separate small package, which is more convenient.

4. Various tastes

The manufacturer specializes in formulating different flavors, which can be selected according to your own preferences, and you can taste a variety of flavors, and the taste is stable.

The disadvantage of capsule coffee is that the price is higher, compared with coffee beans as the raw material, the cost of the capsule shell is increased; in addition, it needs to be used with a special capsule coffee machine, which cannot be manually brewed or used in other types of coffee machines.
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