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Why choose automatic coffee capsule sealing machine

Why more people choose automatic coffee capsule sealing machine? In recently, Saneu SR-1 fully automatic rotary coffee capsule filling sealing machine become the hot selling product . Today, let us learn why this fully automatic machine is so popular.

The automatic coffee capsule machine is suitable for the production of various powder products such as coffee, powder, coffee mate, and tea powder. The whole machine adopts Japanese Oumlong programmable logic controller, pneumatic control elements, and intelligent digital display temperature control system. It has the characteristics of high sealing strength, good sealing, low failure rate, and small footprint. It is the hottest of enterprise automation production.

coffee capsule filling sealing machine

1. Complete the work required for the full automatic process, the machine is small in size and easy to operate:
2. PLC control system, full display instrument and real-time monitoring;
3. Automatically drop the cup;
4. Vacuum automatic feeding;
5. Automatic filling (filling accuracy reaches ±0.1 g);
6. Adding liquid system Yu (adding end and other liquids) (optional);
1. Automatic suction of dust from the mouth of the cup;
8. Ultraviolet sterilization (optional);
9. Automatic film suction and release;
10. Ammonia filling system: the whole process from the cup to the sealing, the residual oxygen is only 5%;
11. Automatic sealing, F-sealing and line sealing can be done in cup type;
12. Automatic cup out;
13. Remove waste visually (optional);
14. Automatically detect the amount of cups in the accompanying delivery; use the sensor to detect the cup position to achieve the alarm function of adding cups below the detection line:
15. After detecting the failure, the template will not be filled, not sucked, not sealed, not out of the cup (starting to reject it to the waste box, and it can be recycled directly;
16. Automatically detect the film reserve, and report iodine indication when it is below the limit;
17. The whole machine adopts 304 stainless steel body and plexiglass door structure: beautiful and safe performance, with the function of opening the door and stopping to ensure the safety of personnel;
18. Automatically record the number of packaged products;

19. Therefore, the S joint display function.

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