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Buying a Coffee Capsule Filling Machine for Your Coffee Business

The ideal year to launch your own coffee business is 2022. even when the coffee market is over saturated with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses that have the same idea.  But opportunity is still there. it appear a blue sea market from coffee business since Keurig and nespresso patent expiration in recent years. Plenty of coffee manufactures into this field and get big rewardThe coffee capsule sector is a comparatively recent development that continues to grow incredibly quickly.

Currently, it is estimated that worldwide over 10 billion capsules are sold every year, equivalent to roughly one and a half cups of coffee for every person on the planet.
The ever-growing numbers involved make for dizzying reading… but it takes great skill and experience to provide high quality products for such high quantity sales.

. To succeed in coffee food industry,  make your products difference with others is critical.you just need to make sure you are following the correct procedures. Purchasing a coffee capsule filling machine is one of the most crucial actions you should do, especially if you want to be locally competitive.

Any business that wishes to offer any type of coffee services or goods must make this crucial investment. Although it might be challenging to justify the cost, it is worthwhile. If you have never heard of such a gadget, you must first comprehend what it works and how it may benefit your business.

Once you have that knowledge, you should study the following advice to make sure you choose the best equipment for your requirements.

What makes you require it?

It might be challenging tospend the cost of such a pricey gadget (usually, one auto filling sealing machine cost 13,000---60,000 dollar), as already indicated. Most likely, you have already set aside all of your business's finances for another use. However, if you have any spare money, making this sort of investment will help your company grow.

Your needs for deep thought

an clear idea of what you need before machine investment is needed. This makes it easier for your potential supplier to understand your business needs and provide targeted solutions. Whether you want to increase productivity, focus on filling accuracy ,we can help you find the right system.


Every company has their own budget for every project.  If you are determined to start auto machine, device price range from $6000--$60,000. of course , there are higher device in the  market. Cheapest one entry model machine is 6000 dollar. But this type of machine is rough production and coming with plenty of technical support.  Normally,  reasonable price is at 13,000---15,000 dollar for entry model with nitrogen flushing function, nitrogen percentage can reach 98.5% plus.  If machine can’t reach this requirement, It is a waste of money, since plenty of coffee capsule are without nitrogen inside or nitrogen percentage is very small. As a new starter, it is a big competition. What you need is to make better popular single coffee pod and attract more customers, especially thesePicky customers

Stability Andtechnical Support

It is a long-term investment on machine, a machine that lasts and will not need replacing are welcome. Once production  is stopped, you can't deliver goods in time, and it has possibility to suffer the claim of breaking a contract.. While cheaper machines are tempting, if they break down, you have to factor in the cost of repairs, the loss of money during downtime, and letting customers down.

Another issue is support, because some overseas companies make it difficult to contact customer support, or leave you waiting a long time for new parts.We have local distributors in many countries, they have immediate support andconvenient talking.

Compatible :

Usually a manufacturer with many different products, finding adaptable packaging machinery is paramount. You need machines that can cope with different container shapes and sizes. Our machine can meet different capsule production on one machine by changing mold


Overall, coffee capsule packaging machines offer a great opportunity for businesses  and raise capacity and reduce labor cost.

we have supplied  coffee capsulepackaging machines to manycountries companies of all sizes, and we know how to match your needs to the perfect solution, whatever your business scale.

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