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Coffee Filling Machine Daily Care

Coffee filling machine is one of the types of packaging machinery. It is mainly used for filling K cups or coffee bags. With the popularity of coffee, coffee filling machines are often used, but due to long-term work, they will be subject to some wear and tear. The following Just a brief introduction to the care knowledge of some coffee filling machines.

1: We must regularly check some parts, such as: once every two weeks or a month, the inspection parts are: worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings and other moving parts to see if these parts are flexible and worn. , found that defects should be repaired in time, and should not be used reluctantly.
2: The installed machine should be used in a dry and clean room, and try not to use it in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.
3: After the machine is used, it should be cleaned and then installed to prepare for the next use.
4: The drum moves back and forth during work, please adjust the screws on the front bearing to the proper position. If the gear shaft moves, please adjust the screws on the back of the bearing frame to the proper position, adjust the clearance so that the bearing does not make noise, and the pulley is properly tightened by hand. Too tight or too loose may cause damage to the machine. If the packaging machine equipment is not used for a long time, the whole body of the machine must be cleaned, the smooth surface of the machine parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, and covered with a cloth.

SANEU specializes in coffee capsule packaging (K-Cup, Nespresso, Lavazza, etc.), focusing on every detail of the machine. Our dealers around the world can provide local service quickly. All Saneu machines are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of receipt by the customer. During this period, if it is not damaged by human factors, all spare parts can be replaced and delivered free of charge. Meanwhile, all machines enjoy lifetime technical support.
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