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Coffee Filling Machine Daily Care

The coffee filling machine is a vital component in the world of packaging machinery, primarily dedicated to filling K-Cups or coffee bags. Given the widespread adoration for coffee, these machines find frequent use. However, extended periods of operation inevitably lead to wear and tear. In the following discussion, we'll provide essential care insights for your coffee filling machine.

1. Regular Inspection:
Routine checks are paramount to ensure smooth machine operation. Inspect critical components, such as the worm gear, worm, lubricating block bolts, bearings, and other moving parts. Consider a bi-weekly or monthly inspection schedule. Look for signs of flexibility and wear. If defects are detected, prompt repairs are imperative; avoid using the machine under duress.

2. Optimal Environment:
The machine should ideally be installed in a dry, clean room. Avoid using it in environments containing corrosive gases, such as acids, that could harm its components.

3. Post-Use Cleaning:
After each operation, diligently clean the machine. Proper cleaning readies it for subsequent use.

4. Adjustment and Maintenance:
During operation, if the drum moves back and forth, adjust the screws on the front bearing to attain the right position. In the case of gear shaft movement, fine-tune the screws on the back of the bearing frame for precise positioning, eliminating any noise. Ensure the pulley is adequately tightened by hand; overly tight or loose adjustments could lead to machine damage. If the packaging equipment won't be in use for an extended duration, it's crucial to perform a thorough cleaning. Apply anti-rust oil to the smooth machine surfaces, and cover it with a protective cloth.

At SANEU, our specialization lies in coffee capsule packaging solutions, catering to various formats like K-Cup, Nespresso, Lavazza, and more. We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of our machines. With our global network of dealers, we offer swift local service. Moreover, all Saneu machines come with a one-year warranty from the date of customer receipt. During this period, non-human-caused damage allows for the replacement of all spare parts, delivered at no cost. What's more, our machines enjoy lifetime technical support, assuring seamless performance throughout their operational life.

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