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How to make coffee capsules?

There are mixed reviews for coffee capsules. People who like coffee capsules enjoy the convenience and taste of this well-packaged product. Those who fight against capsules will tell you that the material of coffee capsules is the main reason for the excessive accumulation of garbage. one.

But what about making coffee capsules? Both production processes are very similar. There are only one or two differences between each process, but the general process is as follows:

In the first step, your coffee beans are ground into a uniform size in a completely different machine. This is one of the most important steps, because the consistency of product quality is the key reason that makes the brand stand out.

In the second part, on the assembly line, all pre-formed plastic "cups" are loaded into the filling and sealing machine. Once all the cups are assigned to the correct channel, the conveyor belt moves the cups along the assembly line. The cup is filled with freshly ground coffee; after filling, the roll foil is cut off, placed on the top of the cup, and immediately sealed with a heater. Because sealing the capsule is the only way to ensure freshness. Of course, the coffee capsule packing machine will add nitrogen flushing to keep it fresh.

The third part, after heat sealing, remove the capsule from the mold and check for leaks, cracks, breakage and general defects. Some capsules are actually installed in the capsule machine for brewing to ensure that the brewed coffee can still produce high-quality beverages. If any defects are detected-even before this stage-the entire batch may be withdrawn or recalled.

After completing the above operations, the coffee types in the capsule style will be packaged into their respective boxes. The last step is to deliver your coffee capsules to your hands.
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