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Maintenance of the coffee capsule sealing machine

The coffee capsule sealing machine is a machine that seals the packaging container. In order to keep the product sealed, maintain product quality, and avoid product loss, it is necessary to seal the packaging container. It is an indispensable part of the entire packaging process. It is widely used in food and beverage industries.

Maintenance of the coffee capsule sealing machine:

1. Grease is added to the transmission parts of the lower mold slide plate, pressure rod bearing, eccentric wheel and guide post, guide rail and so on regularly to ensure the performance of the machine.

2. Regularly clean the surface of the machine table, the bottom plate and the lower mold slide plate, groove, the upper mold inner pressure plate and the positioning rod.

3. The method of cleaning the tooth knife is to first plug the two drain holes of the lower mold with a cotton ball, pour boiling water into the groove of the lower mold, until it is full, then push the slide of the lower mold into place, and press the upper mold down. , Press to the lowest point, let the toothed knife soak for a few minutes until it is clean, repeat several times.

At last, the sealing machine should be regularly maintained and cleaned. When cleaning, the machine should be shut down to clean the surface, bottom plate and lower mold slide plate, groove, upper mold inner pressure plate and positioning rod one by one. The whole machine must be kept clean and hygienic.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the automatic capsule sealing machine is very necessary, and it is also related to everyone's hygiene and health.  We must pay more attention to it.

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