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Classification Of k Cup Sealing Machine And Nespresso Capsule Sealer

If you search the internet, you will find that there are 2 kinds of k-cup filling sealing machine and Nespresso capsule filling sealing machine in the market, fully automatic filling and sealing machine and manual nespresso capsules sealer.

Since there are two types of machines, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of machine? Let’s see about it now.

1.full automatic k cup sealing machine and Nespresso capsule sealing machine.

· Advantage: can finish the filling and sealing process automatically, you don’t need to work by hand.

· Disadvantage: The price of a fully automatic machine is super high, so it is not suitable for a small business or someone who wants to test the market of coffee capsules.

2.Manual k cup sealing machine and Nespresso capsule sealer

Advantage: More cost-effective, you can get a manual machine from us. New generation of sealing machine adopts stainless steel with thickness of 3mm. Artificial buffing,No harm to user.Compact and unique structure, Natural, Generous.Brand electrical elements. CE certificate. Safe and Durable. Advanced sealing technology,

quick sealing. Intelligent flash after sealing well.

· Disadvantage: Using a manual machine, you will need to fill coffee powder into empty coffee capsules by hand, then you need to seal the coffee capsule with foil lids by hand. But it doesn’t matter if you want to start a small scale production.

· Different types of machines can be applied to companies in different positions, so you can flexibly choose and match the corresponding machines based on your own coffee capsule production

scale. We will still offer one-stop solutions for you.

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