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What Do You Know About K-Cup Pods

empty K-cup

K-Cups are the pod/capsule version from the popular coffee maker Keurig. The K cup is a patented design that maximizes the aroma of coffee. The Keurig K-cup consists of a plastic cup and an aluminum lid and every cup is nitrogen sealed to ensure optimum freshness.()The inside is filled with coffee or tea. The Keurig pierces the top aluminum lid with its patented spray nozzle and a discharge nozzle penetrates the plastic base. A filter inside the pod contains the coffee grounds as water is pumped through.  Here’s what we love (and don’t like) about Keurig’s K-Cups:

Advantages of K-Cups

Impressive selection of blends and varieties.

Lots of off-brand K-Cup compatible capsules on the market.

Excellent coffee.

Disadvantages of K-Cups

Quite expensive compared to other pods

Some claim K-Cup coffee isn’t as flavorful as other capsule brands.

Capsules are more wasteful than other capsule brands.

It's easy to make a cup coffee with K-Cup pods,put the K-cup in a special coffee machine, press the button, the pressurized water injection pipe will penetrate the aluminum foil cover and enter the filter cup to inject hot water.

The Keurig K-Cups are incompatible with Nespresso machines for a multitude of reasons, these are:The shape and size of K-Cups don’t work with Nespresso. And Nespresso capsules have a specialized code, without it the machine won’t work.

If you want a vast array of beverages and flavors to choose from, we suggest choose K-Cups pods.

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