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The Guide to Original Coffee Capsules

empty coffee capsules

Big brands will develop their own equipment systems and match the corresponding capsules. The size of the capsule is only suitable for a certain type or several types of  coffee capsule machines.

The main different systems include:

E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) is an open standard and has a simple structure. However, it is not a capsule. It is more appropriate to call it a coffee powder-two pieces of paper clip seven grams of coffee, which can be directly thrown into a fertilizer garbage bag after use.

Dolce Gusto, used by Nestlé and Krups (K-Cup). The capsule is relatively large, about five centimeters wide at its widest point, and four centimeters deep. Visible in Europe.

Nespresso, used by Nestlé. The width of the capsule is about four centimeters, and the depth is about four centimeters, which is longer and narrower than Dolce Gusto.

Senseo, used by Philips and Douwe Egberts, the system is similar to E.S.E., but also a decomposable paper bag.

Cafissimo, used by Tchibo, is basically only used by Germans. The capsule is small and has a flat bottom, which can be placed face up.

MyCup, used by Melitta, visible in the Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland. The cup is relatively small and looks like a reduced version of a filter paper cone.

Lavazza has two systems,Lavazza Blue and Espresso Point, which are not compatible with each other. Lavazza Blue is a variant based on the Nespresso system and looks similar.

However, some of the capsule coffee machines and coffee capsules of not very well-known brands on the market are common.

Coffee Capsules Guide

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