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The difference between coffee capsule and freshly ground coffee

When it comes to coffee, some people think that only coffee made from coffee beans is real coffee. I disagree with this idea. First of all, pouring coffee by hand is an ancient method. It can really make everyone feel the fun of making coffee and feel the precipitation of coffee history and culture.

However, there are many drawbacks to pouring coffee by hand. The choice of coffee beans is a big problem. Second, it is necessary to avoid incomplete and black coffee beans, and then pay attention to the thickness during the grinding process. It is difficult for people without much experience

to control this uniformity, so it is easy to rush out the taste is not satisfactory. In addition, for some people, the extraction process is a kind of enjoyment, but the cumbersomeness of this filter-type hand-brewed coffee method will make more people fresh for three days, and no one wants to prepare so many utensils and trouble for half a day In the end, the coffee extracted because of the problem of coffee beans is not good. After all, the coffee beans are not easy to store, and it is easy to have problems such as staleness. Therefore, the taste of each extraction is often uncertain,

and the good and bad are annoying enough.

For capsule coffee, many problems caused by coffee beans are avoided, and the taste is not to worry about.Empty capsule coffee cup is to grind coffee beans into coffee powder first, and then put it into an independently sealed capsule. Because it is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen, the problems such as oxidation and acidification caused by contact with air are eliminated, and it is

very good at high temperature. Keeping the prototype, it is possible to inject high-pressure water vapor into the capsule, so that the coffee can be completely precipitated under the action of pressure.

A rich espresso with coffee cream, ensuring freshness and mellow taste. Compared with coffee beans, capsule coffee is better preserved and easier to use, which avoids the problem of poor taste caused by different thicknesses of coffee beans during the grinding process and the problem of bad taste of coffee beans caused by poor storage environment. So capsule coffee is better, especially

the capsule coffee of Nestle Dolce Gusto, not only has twelve flavors to choose from, in addition to black coffee, you can also make fancy, you don't need to buy a milk frother yourself, there are capsules specially for milk, Just put the milk capsules and coffee capsules in order. I love the espresso, which is no different from the taste of the coffee shop. I highly recommend it! Moreover, there are no sharing cups, filter cups, and filter paper. It is also very convenient to clean up, so capsule coffee is better than coffee beans.

Capsule coffee can be taken directly with water It cannot be brewed directly with water, and the capsule coffee must be put into the capsule coffee machine.

Capsule coffee is to grind coffee beans into coffee powder first, and then put them into aluminum capsules, which eliminates the problems of ordinary coffee beans or coffee powder becoming sour and oxidized after contacting the air.

The coffee made every time is very fragrant because the capsules preserve the freshness of the coffee very well. It can be said that each cup retains the freshness of the coffee beans within 4 hours after roasting and grinding, and the oil foam is also very good. Rich and smooth. In addition, the taste has become more and more perfect now, and the room for choice is more and more open.

The capsule coffee making machine is a kind of coffee machine, which makes the operation of extracting coffee easier and more convenient. When operating the machine, put the coffee capsules into the capsule compartment, and you can extract coffee with one click. Compared with semi-automatic coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines that use ground coffee, the operation is very simple.

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