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Which capsules put in Nespresso machine?

You'll find a wide collection of Nespresso capsules both online and in the common market,  Of course, Nespresso also has its own capsules.

These make a nice cup of coffee with your favorite flavors. There is also a wide range of other unknown brands in the market.

These are a lot more affordable than the original Nespresso capsules but sometimes other brand capsules are not always good for your coffee machine.

Make sure you purchase the official Nespresso capsules for your own machine.

There are both aluminum and plastic coffee capsules for sale. The Nespresso capsules are made of aluminum and therefore work best in a Nespresso machine, but another hand, they are a bit pricey.

These capsules are specifically designed in a way that the capsule holder closes properly and the capsule is perforated correctly.

This has to do with the type of material, the thickness of it, and the sharpness of the perforating blades in the machine.

SANEU focuses on coffee capsule packaging machines and concentrates on every detail of our products.

We have kinds of coffee capsule sealing & packing machines for K cup, Nespresso, Lavazza and so on.

You can buy kinds of Nespresso capsules in the supermarket, from different third-party brands. However, in most cases they're made of plastic, which can cause technical malfunctions.

There are also third-party brands that have aluminum capsules. If you want to make sure that your machine works properly, you choose an aluminum variant.

Malfunctions can occur when you use third-party brand capsules. The capsule holder opens and closes less well with some cheaper capsules.

It may also happen that the capsule isn't pierced properly during the brewing process. This puts too much pressure on the machine.

In these cases, we don't recommend continuing to use these capsules, since they have a negative effect on the operation and life of the machine.

The Nespresso machine won't just break. But it's possible that your Nespresso machine starts to leak suddenly, or that the water no longer runs properly.

SANEU's business covers a lot of countries and areas around the world, Our distributors located around the world can provide local service quickly.

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